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You Snooze, You Lose

October 1, 2009

NYT talked to some of the winners from last weekend’s Vendy Awards, and the lesson to be learned is – Get There Early. Biryani Cart and Schnitzel & Things have been selling out by 1:30 or so most days this week. Advertisements

ANTFT – America’s Next Top Food Truck

September 30, 2009

Tyra Banks took a cue from the Vendy Awards and tried to find America’s Next Top Food Truck.  I half expected her to tell Kenny Lao of Rickshaw Dumpling Truck to “work it”.  She also featured Le Gamin and the Treats Truck.   Expect longer lines for the next few days at these game proprietors, as […]

2009 Vendy Awards – The Quite Deserving Finalists (excluding the winners)

September 28, 2009

jing sau

Mister Softee Not So Soft

September 28, 2009

More reports of Mister Softee’s violent threats against rival ice cream trucks have surfaced. And this time the target is the infinitely superior ice cream purveyor Van Leeuwen, whose Twitter feed announces, “Truck had to leave midtown 😦 . There were 3 Mr. Softie Trucks threatening our drivers life. Scary stuff! Sorry guys, maybe another […]

NY Times Loves Street Food

September 28, 2009

NY Times gives a nice shout-out to Schnitzel Truck, Bistro Truck, Picknick Smoked, nyccravings and (not so nice to) La Cense Beef. Turf War at the Hot Dog Cart (July 1, 2009) Still, they are a staple of New York dining. The city’s simmering scene of gastro trucks reached a boil this summer, tapping into […]